Spider-Man V [.NET] 1.2a1 [BETA]

This mod is by Sollaholla & Jedijosh920.

Web shoot / quick fire at enemies has been take out temporarily because I'm creating a better version and it was conflicting with another power.

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  • TheMadBreaker

  • These guys are responsible for all of the awesome artwork and 3D models! It wouldn't be a true Spider-Man experience without them! :D

    Another HUGE shoutout to Jedijosh920
    Josh will be making some really cool ambient events and criminal type missions in the mod (coming soon)! I seriously can not wait for that, we all know Josh puts out the best mods, and I have no doubt that this part of the mod will be just as (if not better) than his other mods. :D

    And then there's that guy nobody cares about ;) (me)
    Whenever you have questions about the web swinging, wall crawling, or anything related to Spidey's powers please ask me, I made them and I'm willing to do anything to make them even more awesome!

    We hope you guys enjoy it. And yes we know the animations aren't perfect but we're still waiting on custom animations to be possible.


    NEW POWERS 1.1
    Press "N" to change your super ability (configurable in .ini file). Once you have an ability that's not the "Normal" ability, move your cross-hair over a ped, and once you see the red marker above their head, press "F" to initiate a super move on them. Works well with Hulk, Green Goblin (off glider) and other villains. You can be strategic with your abilities by using them while spider sense is active. Have fun! And be sure to leave feedback on how I can improve. BTW if you web grapple green goblin's glider, he will fall off, and you can configure his off-the-glider health in the Spiderman.ini file.

    • Press LMB on the map (not objects) to grapple yourself towards that point.
    • Hold LMB on a ped, object, or vehicle then release to grapple the enemy towards you. Remember that you face the direction you want to throw them.
    • Hold LMB then right click on any part of the map or entity to hang/attach that entity with a web.
    • While in the air and near buildings hold down SPACE to start web swinging.
    • To wall climb press E when in front of the surface of a building.
    • Hold SPACE when your web is attached to a vehicle, object, or ped to do a rodeo attack and swing your enemies around.
    • Press CAPS to enable or disable spidey sense.
    • Press N to change your super attack.
    • Press O to disable web shooters.
    • Press Numpad9 to disable the mod.
    • Press Space/Jump to re-balance yourself while falling in ragdoll.


    • Fixed spider-sense not working.

    • 1.1
    • 2 new super abilities. You can change abilities using the "N" key.
    • Fixed some issues with crashing.
    • Fixed a lot of really strange bugs, with jittering animations during wall climb, webs getting stuck on players hand, etc.
    • Added full support for Julio's menu (so that keycodes will not respond if his menu is being opened or closed).
    • Added support for Julio Green Goblin script (still a bit buggy check ini for some new values)
    • Added new configurable keys and other values to .ini file.

    • 1.1a
    • General bug fixes related to animations, and physics.
    • Smoothed out some of the animations.
    • Web swinging is now just a little bit slower and longer.
    • If you hit a wall while web swinging you will ragdoll.
    • You can press space/jump while ragdolling in the air to re-balance yourself.

    • 1.1a1
    • Fixed small bug making the player fall when grappling to close to the ground.

    • 1.1a2
    • Fixed weird ragdoll bug where the player would ragdoll after falling off a building, also removed debug info showing on screen (sorry about that).

    • 1.2
    • Added ability to put peds into an arrested state (still a wip).
    • Fixed animation jittering with player.
    • Added ability to attach object / peds / vehicles together with webs.
    • Added more configurable options to ini (such as web swing and grapple cooldowns).

    • 1.2a
    • Added some optimizations and crash stability.
    • You can't grapple if the you're on the ground and the direction to the grapple point is lower than the players position.
    • Fixed teleporting speed bug with RPH.
    • Added configurable values for jump and grapple speeds.

    • 1.2a1
    • Fixed some issues with slow-mo and grapple force.
    • Added more configurable options for web swinging.
    • Made default values for swing speed and radius reduced for a longer swing.
    • Fixed ragdoll and god-mode being enabled after mod get's disabled.
    • Added option to ini that allows you to set the mod disabled by default.

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    最后更新时间: 19 hours ago
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      Web shoot / quick fire at enemies has been take out temporarily because I'm creating a better version and it was conflicting with another power.

    • Fbde8b 3t name

      Wow!!!! Really awesome update!!!! Thanks a lot for entertaining my request so fast!!!!

      17 hours ago
    • B13784 9a9ee2f6b88004904d940d58d472f7a5 d3fgkes

      @sollaholla This is an amazing mod. good job :)

      17 hours ago
    • Default

      this is an amazing mod, although whenever I start my game it gives me an error "script hook V critical error, and it says it can't find native 0xandabunchofnumbershere. I already have all the requirements and ready to go I even run the flash mod before installing this mod. great mod nonetheless!

      15 hours ago
    • Cb119b antarcticawhaletale zh cn8744692760 1920x1080


      15 hours ago
    • F1fd64 rmdwrac6

      can you add a wallrun feature?

      14 hours ago
    • Default

      what he said ^ Wallrun feature please

      14 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr
      14 hours ago
    • Default


      oiv file

      Error reading package file

      unable to read "assembly.xml"., probable file is corrupted.
      HELP !!

      13 hours ago
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      @sollaholla & @jedijosh920 did u use some online content in this mod. because it crash when i tried to REload the game. it`s work perfectly at first time load the game. if i try to reload my savegame my game crash.

      11 hours ago
    • Default

      @sollaholla I like the new powers and he is more fluid that very nice !
      but Is he like invicible to bullets and explosion now ? like ghost rider ?!
      that make me very very sad :( cuz i cant remove "invincible" now , and i never use invincible in games ,gues I'll use your hold one till I know more

      flash hulk and super can hurt me of corse , but iron man can"t and cops cant , I'll try the army

      10 hours ago
    • Default

      @sollaholla Hey I'm having a great experience with your mod. Do you guys have any ideas for moving across the flatter terrains of Los Santos? Specifically, when chasing criminals using Julionib's mod, it can be awkward to give chase away from the city. Attaching to cars would seem like a good method in my opinion but I am sure there are all kinds of different ways, do you have something planned?

      10 hours ago
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      i just add an idea , maybe add a dodge button with the normal dodge animation ,I like some challenge.

      10 hours ago
    • Default

      is there a way to change the key binding for disabling the mod to some thing else? my key board doesnt have a numpad theres a track pad instead.

      10 hours ago
    • 1c1231 micra1

      Nice update! Still some thoughts here:
      1.After using each web kick or web punch, the spiderman makes a "cooldown" animation so that I'm not able to continuously make another attack.This is quite annoying when facing many enemies, and it makes the two special attacks not very useful.
      2.It would be better to allow the player to start web swinging while they are running or on the ground.
      3.The "grapple'N throw" feature requires the player to face the direction to throw, yet I don't feel it very handy when fighting many enemies. In order to throw my enemies to somewhere far away, I have to show my back to them...
      4.Really want to change the default special attack key.
      5.We can climb up on the wall but why can't we climb down?
      6.I wonder if extra animations could be added as a dlc. I mean, the spiderman would be much more lively if he has his own animations. Yeah, I know, it's not easy technically...

      9 hours ago
    • 249631 cirelectric

      It would be amazing to have an AntMan-Shrink mod

      6 hours ago
    • B589c6 cobraav2

      @jjro Custom animations are impossible right now.

      4 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @jjro A few of those ideas I can definitely do but these i have an explanation why I can't:
      4. You can change most of the keys including the special attack key in the .ini file
      5. Quaternions do not work like this in GTA 5, neither does velocity, giving the player negative velocity will make him fall of the building and flipping the player in the upside down direction will cause him to stretch larger than the gta 5 map.
      6. Extra animations are not possible, period.

      Thank you for the suggestions!

      2 hours ago
    • B589c6 cobraav2

      @sollaholla Might I suggest that for a projectile attack, you repurpose the snowball? Increasing the impact damage a bit would help add some utility, with potentially consecutive attacks on peds culminating in an "arrestable" state.

      1 hours ago
    • Default

      two questions, can you model this spiderman as an ik Rig? i know modelling isnt easy ive used SFM before. id like to see mid air acrobatics. Do you think you will collaborate with juilio @ gtaxscripting to create enemy and ally npc put them all together in one menu?

      1 hours ago
    • 127dc7 ^80ad29c9f6d937c1aa4b58bd2509f9a8d57ffca2c8917059d0^pimgpsh mobile save distr

      @Joe Gillian Yep, that's the plan. Except snowball/web shooter attacks will not be the same as arresting a ped.
      @slipangleking Julio doesn't contact me, so no plans to work with him. Also, IK doesn't work that way in gta 5, otherwise it would've been done already.

      1 hours ago