Beretta M92 2.0

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Well I made this back in '15 but for some reason I decide to upload this today. Model is used in Payday: The Heist, surprisingly I found it in PAYDAY 2's game files so enjoy guys, I'll update the Beretta Centurion once I get free time (pretty soon) and I get a zmod license haha

  • Animated
  • Custom default magazine
  • Custom extended magazine

  • Replaces pistol

    Models: Overkill Software

    2.0 Update:
    Fixed disassembly latch not moving with the slide, thank you for noticing 420x420.

    Note from metroidguy:
    I'd really appreciate a donation to be able to pay for the monthly zmodeler subscriptions to keep bringing awesome content to you guys! As many may not now zmodeler is the program used to make cars, weapons and such, the downside is that it's payware so you have to pay a monthly fee in order to keep on bringing content so any donation helps! :)
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