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SCP-370 is a key. The size, shape, material and general appearance of SCP-370 are unknown. Knowledge of these characteristics is the primary vector for the spread of the SCP-370 disease, therefore all records thought to contain such information have been destroyed without review.

The disease caused by SCP-370 has three distinct sets of symptoms, designations SCP-370-a, b and c. The form of the disease appearing in any given subject appears to be determined primarily by personality.

The majority of SCP-370-b subjects are commonly described as both extroverted and altruistic, however, an identical manifestation of SCP-370-b appears in individuals with strong sadistic or violent tendencies. Subjects infected with SCP-370-b initially become very calm. This stage lasts for several seconds, and is followed by a sudden unprovoked assault on anyone within the subjects reach, which continues into an indiscriminate killing spree. Persons killed by the infected subject will glow brightly and undergo an unknown transformation, presumably the same or similar to that of the suicides.

Initially the infected subject is no more dangerous than an ordinary violent human, however after approximately killing two (2) to three (3) victims the subjects body will begin to radiate yellow light. This light appears to inhibit the sympathetic nervous response of the subjects victims, making it difficult for victims to fight back. After approximately five (5) to six (6) successful kills, the light triples in intensity and the direct skin-to-skin contact with the subject becomes deadly. At this point any eye contact with the victim becomes a contagious factor.

After killing an average of twelve (12) victims (subjects who were considered violent prior to infection may require as many as fifty (50) kills to reach this stage) the subject will abruptly cease hostilities and enter the final phase of SCP-370-b infection. Subjects will raise its arms skyward and shout in a slightly amplified voice, [DATA DELETED] take me home! This sound seems to pass through soundproof walls and industrial strength earmuffs with only slight muffling. Infection of all human beings within earshot is virtually guaranteed, except in cases of sensory deafness. After this cry, a shaft of radiation in the visible spectrum forms around the subject, who will then levitate several feet above the ground before [REDACTED] and vanishing. As with SCP-370-a, no traces of the vanished subjects have ever been found.

How to install :

SCP-370.cs - place to scripts folder.

ig bankman.ytd - place to mods/x64e.rpf/models/cdimages/componentpeds ig.rpf

Control :

K - Become SCP-370-a ( infected )

M - Final stage

O - Finish the infection

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