H&K PSG1 + H&K G3SG1 [replace] 1.0

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Marksman Rifle replace
Make sure to replace the meta to get the expected behavior!
I don't recommend the foregrip as it doesn't look good with it installed.
I decided that both rifles had unique scopes and scope mounts that made them incompatible with other weapons, so I didn't separate them.

--How to installation--

Path--- GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday8ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > models > cdimages > weapons.rpf

Path--- GTAV > mods > update > update.rpf > dlc patch> mplts > common > data > ai

--Update log--

This mod is based on a completely different category of weapons. This is an experimental mod. For that reason, I think there are places where you feel uncomfortable.
You may encounter the glitches described in my forum topic.

Lt. Rocky (original MOD)

Querentin (original MOD)

Please do not re-upload. Also, please do not upload to other sites.
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