2013 Audi A8l W12


2013 Audi A8l W12 by MOJREM-JOR
Original Model: Firestone
Converted and edited for GTA IV: Alis_70 & XPERIA
Converted to GTA V by me


features :
  • HQ Exterior
  • HQ Interior
  • HQ Engine
  • Breakable Glass (ALL)
  • Working Lights (ALL)
  • Working LED
  • 4k Dirt/Burn/Dust Mapping
  • Working Dials (HQ)
  • Movable Steering Wheel
  • Player's hands on the steering wheel
  • 3D Engine
  • Mirrors have reflections
  • HQ body and rims
  • No tint on light glass
  • interior light (on-off)
  • Support ALL game features :)

    L0+L1+L2 only

    stanier / Note: you can replace by oracle

    How I can replace by oralce : Easy rename car to oracle or replace using openiv

    X64e :)

    Enjoy :) Please Like and Donate me <3
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