Bmw 253i F22 [ Add-on ] V1.0

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Model: Baku Modeler, p4elkin
Convert: zQrba
add-on Covert: SONAXR160

1.1: New Tire Textures

Color 1: Body
Color 2: Rims

Extra 1: Front Plate

Features | Özellikler
Have LODs | Lod Modelleri
Steeringwheel | Direksiyon
Dashboard | Hız göstergesi
Lights Work | Farlar sorunsuz
Breakable Glass | Camlar kırılıyor
Dirt Effect | Kir Efekti

Modified parts did not do now but will come in v2 | modifiye parçalar şimdi yapmadım ama v2'ye gelecekler

Add-on :
THEN go to gta5 / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data
Here take file "dlclist.xml" and drag and drop on your PC

Open a notepad, drag and drop "dlclist.xml" in the notepad, then, add a line above "" and paste this:

Be sure new line is align to all other above. Close notepad, choose "Save" and replace file in OpenIV.
all permissions for the car have been obtained
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